Harbhajunkie(aka Mridul Harbhajanka)has blessed Peterborough/Nogojiwanong/Trent with her multiple levels of talent for the last few years. She recently released an album called “Making Tunes and Eating Fruit” which is now available on all major streaming services (https://open.spotify.com/artist/2T4ZfVes6EkjEMbUb5p83W). She has produced the soundtrack and been a part of a number of short films, which are available on YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/@mridulharbhajanka). Her films do an excellent depiction of what it was like to live during our lockdown period of 2020-21. It also has to be noted that she is an international student from India and has achieved all these artistic feats despite the adversaries that international students face these days. Her sound has a dreamy feel to it that has both mystery and ease. Lets hear about her work with Effigy Girl(aka Hazel Dreslinski), her vegan diet, how she coped with the lockdown, her various films such as the brilliant “Isolated”, her Trent Radio programs, how being a student in Canada has affected her relationship with her mother and her future plans, Before she leaves us in Peterborough, I think its best we pay tribute and recognize her talent. Who knows what she can become? Correction: I mention in the podcast that 33% of Trent students are international students. According to Trent, it is around 13% for 2022/23. My apologies. Tracks: “want u”, “may(ft. Effigy Girl)”, “Marie in my kitchen”, “girl in the maze”, “it’s you I like, but perverted”, “anything u wanna do”.

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