Mary-Ellen Abberger(Bill 23)

Music-“Open The Floodgates”-The Smile, “Drowning Simulator”-Effigy Girl The Ontario Government’s recent passing of Bill 23, in a supposed attempt to end our housing crisis, has in effect ended the 17 year moratorium Ontario had on our Greenbelt. This Bill will, among many other things, override municipal powers on the (false?)premise that More Housing=Affordable Housing under […]

Drug Toxicity in Peterborough: An Understanding Pt.2 Kerri Kightley

Music: badmayor Kerri is the Proram Manager at the Consumption and Trreatement Services at 220 Simcoe St. in Peterborough. In the episode we discuss matters such as: the stigma behind users, how drug addiction can happen to all of us, Three services are provided at CTS: PARN provides safe equipment for drug use and food […]

Evan Robins(Trent Arthur)

Music: knotthatgood-“Extreme Devotion” We both love Mark Fisher( On a personal level, we discuss Evan’s Cultural Studies program, how The Arthur works and what role a journalist should play(put narration in an “accessible form”). The issues we discuss are: the student housing crisis, food insecurtiy, the situation with Trent’s Durham campus, the university’s revenue […]

Ryan Kerr

Music; Bennett Bedoukian, Craig Pederson and Karen Ng-“audiopollination.” Multi-dimensional Ryan Kerr, who has been at the forefront of the Peterborough art scene for thirty years, has an upcoming show at TTOK called “Unexploded Ordnance”( 9-12. This interview was done in person and I apologize beforehand for the sound issues. Among other things we discuss is […]

Will Pearson

Music selection: “Drowning Simulator”-Effigy Girl This is a very Peterborough-centric focused podcast but I will try and explain a few things to any possible outsiders. Will Pearson(@quillpearson) is a co-founder of an excellent local newspaper called “Peterborough Currernts”( We discuss our recent municipal election from October 24, 2022. Jeff Leal is our new mayor but […]