Naomi Nichols: The Injustice of Homelessness

Dr. Naomi Nichols, from Trent University, had led research into youth homelessness through the community-oriented collective Research for Social Change Lab. Nichols worked at McGill till 2020 and came to Nogojiwanong/Peterborough during our Covid lockdown. Under the dire but unavoidable context of homelessness, we discuss the work of the Research for Social Change Lab, the problems with Peterborough’s By–Name List in actually helping find housing for those in need, how our problems today often come from the financialization of housing, the deadly cycle of many either being in jail or out on the streets, examination of other communities outside of Peterborough and how they deal with the issue, the lack of both accountability and expertise in our various levels of government, technology eroding “transparency”, the role of the police and these continual encampment clearings, the relation of sex trafficking or sex work to homelessness and overall, what is considered criminal is only because it is happening in public instead of in private. Thanks to Naomi for speaking to me. Tracks: Sean Beaver-“Where Is My Mind”, The Cure-“Push”.

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