Post-Industrial S**t: Stephen Dale

We discuss with writer and long-time analyst of modern suburbia, Stephen Dale, on his 2021 book “Shift Change.” The book is quite relevant today as we look at modern homeless crisis and the forced gentrification on places such as Hamilton and elsewhere. As Sarah Schulman says, gentrification is a “concrete replacement process.” While the past Hamilton was the undefined “gritty”, it had a sense of community. Dale recounts important historical events such as the 1949 Stelco strike and the egalitarian age of the 1960s. We take on Richard Florida’s “creative class”, which is always enjoyable for me. The “creative class” seems to be limited to finance, insurance and real estate who find ways of making passive profit out of todays late capitalism, instead of what we think of as artists. Out of duty I point out the industrial linkages between Hamilton and Peterborough. The shifting of industrial to post-industrial is quite difficult under our current economic system with issues such as brown fields, abandoned buildings and the loss of residential communities in the neighbourhoods around the past factories. Hamilton also has faced a Toronto immigration during the past ten years that has helped to escalate the gentrification process. Gentrification often thrives when there is an economic, environmental or medical crisis. Tracks: “Ambient”-Tim Hecker, “Disgusteen”-Teenage Head, “In The Morning”-Junior Boys. I suggest Sarah Schullman’s “The Gentrification of the Mind” as additional reading. Stephen Dale’s “Shift Change” can be found at Between The Lines:

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