Ptbo/Nogo Electronic Music Pt. 2

Track samples: Chantal Glo-Live from Gordon Best(, Miss Moss-Summer Solstice from 2016(, Ecuchapin aka Sudaka Collective-Techno mix(, Envsionary aka Victor Espinoza-Return from teh Shadows(, Aw Yeah!-My DJ gig got cancelled and all I got was this Stupid Mix(, Recos-Mirage(, J$-90s mix( and Johnny B. Good-The Alphabet Song(Zionne Remix)(

Ptbo/Nogo Electronic Music Scene with Ryan and Em

I desperately needed and wanted a 101 course on the currents of our electronic music scene. I was incredibly fortunate to meet both Ryan Mclean Purdon(aka RMP- Em Minthorn(aka m0lly milli0ns: Apologies for the rough and tumbly sound at the beloved The Only. We discuss their program on Trent Radio, their own music, upcoming shows […]