Brooklyn Doran

In this episode, we return to the Peterborough arts scene to speak with Brooklyn Doran. Brooklyn is a queer singer-songwriter, originally from Kenora but became a staple in the Toronto folk scene for ten plus years. She now resides in our lovely Nogojiwanong. Her “vulnerable lyricism and haunting melodies” appear on her third album “Fixer Upper.” We discuss this album, what brought her to Peterborough, various musicians she has worked with and her viewpoints on being able to get by in todays music industry. She is a great guest to have on and I hope you get to know her as well. Stay in touch with her on and Tracks: “Michigan State”, “Wasted My Twenties”, “This Town Won’t Miss You” and “Fuck That Guy.” Closing: Guided Voices-“Buzzards and Dreadful Crows”.

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