BA Johnston

On Episode #45, we talk with one of the greatest stalwarts of our musical scene in Peterborough: BA Johnston. Hamiltonian BA Johnston was a past resident and for a long-time has remained on the list of upcoming acts for venues such as the Red Dog. Which, by the way, he will playing at on March 31st with the Mickies and the Beef Boys. I love his biting sense of realism combined his hilarious sense of humour. During our lockdown period, he played in many people’s backyards and continues that service till today, giving you his spandex outfits, Casio keyboard, along with good rocking fun. We discuss among other things his love of the Pigs Ear Tavern, Oshawa, the hated necessities of No Frills and Tim Hortons, his relationship with Peterborough, his Valentine Song A Grams, his Ham Jam sessions and briefly, Doug Ford, among other things. Tracks by BA Johnston: “This Pink Eye Has Got Me Down”, “I Don’t Want to go to the No Frills”, “My Last Shift At Timmies”, “Deep Fryer in my Bedroom(Live)”, “Only 2 Things I Wanna Do(Doritos N U)”, “Peterborough Love”. Follow BA on, and

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