The Pigs Ear Tavern Returns

The irreplaceable Pigs Ear Tavern is returning to Peterborough in 2023. One of the most awe-inspiring events in Peterborough has happened. The famous Pigs Ear Tavern is returning to our city in 2023. I discuss this with the new owners, Steve Robertson and Ashley Holmes. They are the 14th owners of a business that has been around most years since 1865, minus its closure since 2017. A cultural symbol of Peterborough, it has represented most aspects of the city, with past guests such as Hank Williams and Gord Downie. We discuss the return of such landmarks as pickled eggs in a jar, Labbat 50, pingo, John perhaps bringing back his trivia night, open mic, pool night and live music. Past ghosts of the place are still there and the spirit of the community is there with them. Music: “Ballad of the Pigs Ear” Benj Rowland, “I Miss The Pigs Ear”-BA Johnston

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