Barnabas Wornoff

We delve into the world of animation from a Ptbo/Nogo perspective with the greatly talented Barnabas Wornoff. Barnabas, a long-time veteran of the animation industry, is among other things the co-founder of TAAFI(Toronto Animation Arts Festival International), an instructor at Seneca College in animation and illustration streams(, Creative Producer at Smiley Guy Studios and involved in past productions both in Peterborough and abroad such as “Jimmy Two Shoes”, “Mulligan”, “Total Drama Island”, “The Dating Guy”, “HouseBroken”, “The Super Popular Show”, the Shrimps, “In Search of Blind Joe Death” etc, Credits: “Darwin Computer Game”,, Morgellona-“Iudex”, “Human”. We also briefly analyze the relation between AI and animation. What impact will it have: darkness, light or grey?

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