Hugh Hodges-“The Fascist Groove Thing”

Hugh Hodges is the Chair of Cultural Studies and Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and English at Trent. In the past he has written extensively on African and West Indian music and literature, with topics such as Fela Kuti. “The Fascist Groove Thing: A History of Thatcher’s Britain in 21 Mixtapes” is a political study of Thatcher’s England through the soundtrack of the mixtape singsles relevant to the topic. It is amazing how relevant Thatcher’s policies correspond to not only today’s Britain but as a model for the neo-liberal, late capitalist model of governance all across the Earth. Like it not, Thatcher transformed what she denied existed: society. Musical Tracks: Heaven 17-“(We Don’t Need This)Fascist Groove Thang” and Sex Pistols-“Problems”, The Clash-“Should I Stay or Should I Go”.

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